Alexander “joiso” Kostritsyn: 2016’s Biggest Online Poker Winner

alexander-kostritsyn-online-pokerSince entering the world of high stakes online poker in 2011, Alexander “joiso” Kostritsyn has had an incredible career that’s seen him win almost $9 million in profits. The Russian was aided by another strong year in 2016, winning $1.42 million — more than any other player.

This total is even more impressive considering that Kostritsyn had a poor start to the year, losing $150,000 through 8-Game, PLO, and Triple Draw.

But according to HighStakesDB, he countered this with a very strong March, which saw him earn over $1.2 million. Most of these profits came from the $1k/$2k 8-Game tables, where he won a single pot worth nearly $172k.

Kostritsyn had a few shaky moments in the spring, before booking a $307k profit in May over 14.6k hands. This month was fueled by a single-day $154k win at the $200/$400 PLO tables.

After taking much of the summer off, joiso spent the remainder of 2016 playing break-even poker. And the good news is that it all resulted in a profit, including $1.3 million coming from 8-Game and $225k coming from HORSE.

Overall, he lost some money in PLO, but it wasn’t enough to put a serious dent in his profits.

ben-sulsky-online-pokerBen “Sauce123” Sulsky also had a strong year, finishing with $815,517 in profits. But this was still over $600k behind Kostritsyn’s total.

One more winner of note is Sami “Lrslzk” Kelopuro, who collected $565,077 in winnings. Keopuro had a terrible end to 2015/start to 2016, but he rebounded by winning over $800,000 in the fall.

Below you can see the biggest online poker winners of 2016. Note that all of this action occurred on PokerStars, which is pretty much the only high stakes online game in town these days.

Top 10 Online Poker Winners in 2016
1. joiso – $1,421,085
2. Sauce123 – $815,517
3. SamRostan – $728,764
4. Cobus83 – $626,487
5. OtB_RedBaron – $579,900
6. Lrslzk – $565,077
7. Educa-p0ker – $539,974
8. bajskorven87 – $500,954
9. ChaoRen160 – $466,416
10. kkopghy – $456,931

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