Antonio Esfandiari Kevin Hart Boxing Match Set

antonio-esfandiari-kevin-hart-boxingPoker pros have faced off in boxing and kickboxing matches in the past. But Antonio Esfandiari and Kevin Hart are set for the first boxing match between a poker pro and world-famous celebrity.

Esfandiari was stopped by the TMZ crew to discuss which celebrities are big (degenerate) gamblers. During this conversation, Esfandiari mentioned that he and Kevin Hart are set to have a boxing match in March.

Esfandiari Facing Long Odds of Winning

“The Magician” doesn’t stack up well against Hart when it comes to boxing. He’s currently getting 35-to-1 odds against the comedian.

Esfandiari declined to mention how much money is involved in the match. But having 35-to-1 odds means that he’d earn $35,000 for every $1,000 bet if he does win the fight.

Who Has the Boxing Advantage: Esfandiari or Hart?

Kevin_HartAs you can probably tell from the odds, Hart is the big favorite going into the March 2019 bout. Esfandiari even admitted so himself.

“Kevin is in much better shape. He’s an athlete,” he said. “He’s fast as hell. He’s giving me 35 to 1.

“I have the reach, I have a little bit of weight on him. But he’s fast, he’s quick, and he’s strong.”

Hart could Use a Little Work in Poker

While Esfandiari sees Hart as the superior boxer right now, he still fancies himself the better poker player.

When the TMZ interviewer asked about Hart’s poker abilities, Esfandiari offered a backhanded compliment.

“He’s pretty good. He’s still a little fishy, but he’s pretty good.”

Of course, this contest isn’t about playing poker but rather boxing. It’ll be interesting to see how Esfandiari fares against somebody who’s in better shape and seems to have more boxing experience.

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