Baazov, Negreanu, Stern to discuss PokerStars Changes

david-baazov-pokerstarsPoker player Dani Stern was instrumental in leading a 3-day strike against PokerStars after they made huge changes to their VIP program. And while it doesn’t look like the strike has convinced Stars to reverse the changes – many of which hurt high-volume regulars – it will at least facilitate a meeting.

According to Stern, he will meet with Daniel Negreanu and David Baazov (CEO of PokerStars’ parent company Amaya Gaming) to discuss the site from the pros’ perspectives. Here’s a look at what Stern tweeted:

Well one good thing to come of this: According to @RealKidPoker, we will be getting a meeting with Baazov. Details unknown right now.

As you can see here, some players are less than enthusiastic about Stern’s meeting with Baazov and other PokerStars executives. After all, no meeting is likely to change what the poker site has done, including slashing mid and high-stakes rewards and eliminating the Supernova Elite VIP level. But it at least opens up some line of communication between prominent players and PokerStars.

daniel-negreanu-pokerstarsDaniel Negreanu discussed this in his blog at FullContactPoker by writing:

I was also able to ensure that players would have the opportunity to meet with the higher ups from here on out to discuss important issues in regards to the relationship between the company and the players. That has always been something PokerStars has done effectively, and it will continue to happen. I spoke with Dani Stern and Isaac Haxton as well as many other top online pros about joining me and the upper management in regularly scheduled meetings. I think this is extremely important. Communication the last 12-18 months between the players and the company has not been good enough and I think this will go a long way towards improving it.

PokerStars originally made changes to their VIP program so that they could take rewards from high-volume players and disperse them to a wider range of players. This fits in with their growing tendency to favor recreational players above all else. But it’s also nice to hear that they’ll at least give some pros a chance to be heard before they make any massive changes in the future.

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