Cate Hall Beats Mike Dentale in Poker Grudge Match – Wins $30k

cate-hall-mike-dentale-matchIn what began last year as a Twitter battle, Cate Hall has defeated Mike Dentale in a live, heads-up poker challenge. Hall won both games in the matchup and scooped a $30,000 prize for her efforts.

This event took place at Philadelphia’s SugarHouse Casino and was broadcasted on the Poker Night in America Twitch channel. High stakes pros Doug Polk and Shaun Deeb served as commentators for a match billed with the hashtag #MikeAndCatePlusHate.

The cards seemed to go Hall’s way through most of the match, but the commentators also felt that she was the better player too. This is a far cry from Dentale’s opinion of Hall back in December, when he claimed that Hall has very little skill. Here’s a look at the old tweets:

Bringing this to the present, Hall dominated the match, aside from a brief stretch where Dentale nearly evened up the first game. The second game went largely the same way, with Hall jumping out to a 3:1 chip advantage. Despite losing, Dentale began critiquing his opponent’s mistakes, which led to the following exchange:

Hall: “Is that how you play when you weren’t on tilt?”

Dentale: “What do you mean?”

Hall: “I assumed you were on crazy tilt already.”

Dentale: “When?”

Hall: “For the whole last hour.”

Dentale: “What would make you think that? You are very bad at the verbal sparring. Remember, you will always suck. Especially in my eyes…There are a lot of girls that have earned my respect…But it definitely isn’t you.”

After the match, Dentale joined Polk and Deeb, complaining that the cards didn’t go his way. He also said that he feels bad for anybody who bet on him to win.

“I just want to say this to everyone,” he said. “The thing that upsets me the most is letting down whomever put money on me. I truly apologize for that. It hurts me more than anything.”

As for Hall, she’s ready to take on any new challengers who want to bash her game. Dan Bilzerian could definitely be a target, given that he recently tweeted the following (we can’t find the tweet anymore):

“@catehall I don’t even know who you’re playing, but I want to bet against you because you are a woman and women can’t play poker.” – Dan Bilzerian, March 13, 2017