Dan Cates Optimistic about Online Poker Despite Bots

dan-cates-online-poker-botsDan Cates has remained one of the world’s best online poker players for nearly a decade. But is he worried that bots are threatening the very game he’s made his fame through?

No. And even though Carnegie Mellon’s Libratus AI may have solved poker, “Jungleman” doesn’t see this as the death of online poker.

“For example, limit hold’em, which is the game that I thought would’ve been dead long ago, because it was solved many years ago, is far from dead,” Cates told Paul Phua Poker. “I learned that when I was playing limit hold’em on PokerStars.”

Cates also pointed out that not everybody will be using bots to make online poker profits, or even learn from the AI’s perfect play.

“So even though solutions come and go, people aren’t going to play perfectly. And that’s very much the case.”

cepheus-poker-botIf all else fails, everybody can still look forward to juicy live poker games. After all, Cates says that there are plenty of fish in the sea – even in the higher limits.

“And I was playing in Bobby’s Room [Bellagio] too, and people were [not] doing things that were clearly the easiest things in the world,” he explained.

“Like preflop, they were just doing things totally wrong over and over. Whereas if they just learned from the bot, they probably would not do this.”

Cates had more to say on the subject, and you can see the entire chat with Paul Phua Poker in the video below. The basic jest is that Cates doesn’t fear bots right now because the average player won’t take the initiative to use them to improve.

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