Daniel Negreanu vs. James Woods on Twitter

Hollywood has been rife with sexual harassment scandals over the last few weeks. And poker pro Daniel Negreanu was disgusted to find that actor/poker player James Woods is possibly involved.

Commenting on a sign that actress Emily Perkins was carrying at the #MeToo March, Negreanu compared Woods to disgraced politician Roy Moore.

Negreanu was questioned about why he didn’t bother to tag Woods. And Kid Poker responded that the thinks Woods is an asshole and doesn’t like him.

“Who did you tag? Is that him? I don’t follow him. Liked him as an actor but once I met him I realized he was a good old fashioned asshat.”

The famed poker pro went on to tweet another comment about how Woods is a “scumbag.”

Woods went on the offense by bringing up how Negreanu dated Evelyn Ng when she was only 16. But it should be pointed out that Negreanu was also a teenager at the time too.

“Say it like a man to my face, you cowardly piece of sh*t. Say it as a statement of fact, so if you have any money left, you might actually be worth suing, unlike these other losers with no money and big mouths. And how old was Evelyn Ng when you were her “mentor,” you hypocrite?”

The actor came up with a better stab when he went after Negreanu for his blackface humor video. Woods even tweeted PokerStars and asked how they could have somebody like this represent them.

The war of tweets seems to have cooled down now. But it’s likely that these two will enter each others’ crosshairs in the future.

As for the blackface tweet, there’s been no response from PokerStars.

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