Doug Polk Crypto Passes Doug Polk Poker in Subscribers

Doug Polk earned his fame through the high stakes poker world. But he’s quickly transitioning into the world of cryptocurrencies. And this has culminated in his cryptocurrency YouTube channel surpassing his poker YouTube channel in terms of subscribers.

The event happened today, February 20. And Polk tweeted the following regarding his excitement.

Highly Successful in Both Crypto and Poker YouTube

Doug Polk started his poker YouTube channel in June 2016 and has amassed 174,699 subscribers since then. He’s posted 353 videos during this time, with all of these garnering a combined 39,745,000 views.

Polk is the only poker player to earn the YouTube Silver Play Button, which is given to any YouTuber who has over 100,000 subscribers.

Few would transition into something else when they’ve been so successful in one YouTube sector. But Polk took the plunge in December 2017, launching his first cryptocurrency videos.

The result has been a huge success, given that he’s gained 174,925 followers. His 40 videos have generated over 6.4 million views, which is far more than his poker channel.

Polk Jumping into Crypto at the Right Time

Polk admittedly made the move to cryptocurrencies because he sees greater potential here.

Of course, the 29-year-old didn’t jump into crypto blindly. He’s actually been investing in Bitcoin and other coins for several years.

He once showed his diversified portfolio, which includes Bitcoin, Bitclave, DASH, Etherium, Monero, NEO, among others.

But Polk doesn’t get the most attention for his portfolio advice. Instead, he’s shown a willingness to attack any potential scammer in the crypto world.

This includes one famous incident involving another popular cryptocurrency YouTuber named Suppoman. The video, which can be seen below, features Polk ripping Suppoman for shilling ICOs (initial coin offerings) that he’s likely invested in – yet fails to disclose this information beforehand.

Given Polk’s rapid success and the growing crypto world, don’t expect to see him in the poker world as much any more.

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