Doug Polk Shreds Poker’s Athene in the Crypto World

athene-pokerBachir Boumaaza, who’s best known by his pseudo name, Athene, gained poker notoriety for his former sponsorship with PokerStars. This deal ended because the Belgian violated the sponsorship terms by abusing a rakeback loophole.

Before this, Boumaaza was a top-ranked World of Warcraft player. And he’s since made a transition into the cryptocurrency world.

Athene does YouTube videos on cryptocurrencies, where he gives his advice and thoughts on various coins. One of his latest videos involved a prank where he was trying to raise $1 billion for an initial coin offering (ICO).

Unfortunately, the humor was so deadpan that many people didn’t get the joke. Furthermore, he made bizarre comments about “not giving a shit about dying kids in Africa,” instead of only wanting to help them because it’s the right thing to do.

Doug Polk Crypto Jumps on Athene

As I discussed recently, former high stakes poker pro Doug Polk has also gotten heavily involved in the cryptocurrency world. In fact, he’s already become a top crypto YouTuber, despite making his first video in December 2017.

Polk captured the popular sentiment surrounding Athene’s strange video. But Polk took things a step further by stating that many people could be misled by Athene jokingly trying to raise $1 billion dollars.

“Using your troll persona to address the audience that isn’t normally there is basically a scam, because now they don’t know what’s going on. And they might fall victim to thinking that this could actually be worth something,” said Polk.

“I’m not exactly sure what the technical definition of scamming is. But if you tell people, ‘This could 50x if you get some of these, you can only get some of these if you send me money,’ then you are actually telling them to buy it because they’ll get a return.”

This falls in line with some of Doug Polk’s other videos, where he calls out other crypto YouTubers for scammy and/or strange behavior.

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