Entrepreneurs Excited about India’s Online Poker Market

india-poker-entrepreneursPoker is booming in India, and many entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the opportunity. This includes Amit Kanodia, co-founder and CEO of MadOverPoker.

Kanodia told Entrepreneur that the Indian poker market is beginning to take on many characteristics of the global game. This includes poker-dedicated media outlets, coaches, online affiliates, and backers.

“This boom has resulted in the rise of many ‘facilitator’ business models that contribute to the growth of poker industry and have created a poker ecosystem in itself,” said Kanodia.

Entrepreneurs Launching Multi-Gaming Platforms

Some entrepreneurs aren’t just offering online poker, but rather a multitude of gaming options. This includes Amin Rozani, who launched a mixture of skill-based games on Spartan Poker.

“This is where games of skill like poker come in and Indian entrepreneurs are looking to capitalize on this growing trend,” said Rozani.

“The online platform is especially useful in offering games like poker, rummy, fantasy sports and more because of the sheer convenience of game play.”

Rozani added that the convenience of Spartan Poker and other online poker platforms offer an attractive way to enjoy these games.

The focus is on giving players the most convenient and user friendly experience possible,” he explained.

“The goal of the entrepreneur is to popularize the sport of poker, provide means for players to improve their knowledge and skills along with the best possible online platforms which couple with great customer service will facilitate a satisfying gaming experience for the user.”

Expect Poker to Keep Booming in India

India still has a ways to go in terms of poker legalization. This being said, the entrepreneurs that are currently taking advantage of the limited market could seen an even bigger boom in the future.

Once internet poker is legal across the country, it’ll give businesses access to a market of 1.324 billion people.

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