Guy Laliberte Lost $31 Million in Online Poker

guy-laliberte-selling-cirqueGus Hansen is often believed to be the biggest online poker loser ever with $21 million. But Guy Laliberte actually holds this title with $31 million in losses.

But why is it Hansen that takes all the heat in this department? According to HighStakesDB, the former Cirque Du Soleil owner multi-accounted at Full Tilt Poker. And this allowed Laliberte’s losses to largely fly under the radar.

Laliberte’s Losses Are Spread Across Multiple Accounts

You won’t find Laliberte’s losses piled under a single account. Instead, he used 6 different accounts – sometimes at the same time – to accrue losses.

Here’s a breakdown of his different accounts and the losses associated with each:

  • $7,067,935 in losses as “noataima.”
  • $5,924,546 in losses as “patatino.”
  • $6,632,177 in losses as “lady marmelade.”
  • $4,161,884 in losses as “elmariachimacho.”
  • $2,685,018 in losses as “Esvedra.”
  • $4,607,380 in losses as “Zypherin.”

Full Tilt Probably Let Laliberte’s Multi-Accounting Slide

HSDB notes that the Canadian “seemed to be able to multi-account with impunity at Full Tilt.”

Certain Full Tilt high stakes players weren’t happy that Laliberte was given special treatment with regard to multi-accounting. But it’s very likely that Full Tilt’s management turned a blind eye, because much of the action centered on him.

The biggest names in poker during the late 2000s and early 2010s followed Guy to the $500/$1,000 stakes. This is likely why he multi-accounted, hoping to play online poker without being constantly stalked.

But given how much money he spewed to elite pros, it’s very possible that players like Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Phil Galfond, and Patrik Antonius knew whom they were up against.

Staggering Losses – But Acceptable to Laliberte

Many wealthy people would be bankrupted by a $31 million loss. But considering that Laliberte is estimated to be worth $1.37 billion, he wasn’t hurting too badly after the six-year downswing.

Even still, it should be noted that he’s lost over $10 million more than Gus Hansen. And the only reason that it’s not widely discussed is because he multi-accounted with so many different accounts.

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