Legal Online Poker in China?

china-legal-online-pokerThe current online poker landscape in China is definitely not a good one. As OnlineCasinoReports contends, it is illegal for mainland residents to play online poker and casino games. And while some mainlanders still play at offshore sites, the lack of a regulated environment doesn’t exactly make China a lucrative internet poker market. But one man is doing his best to change this and make online poker legal in China.

Meet David Yang

Just yesterday, a man named David Yang hopped on the TwoPlusTwo forms to claim that he and his friends “hear rumors Chinese government will legalize gambling to make more money.” I can only assume he means online gambling because he posted the same OnlineCasinoReports link above.

Yang also posted a link to an iPetition to get online poker legalized in mainland China. If he can reach the lofty goal of 100,000 signatures, he can approach his government and have the idea taken seriously.

What would Legal Online Poker in China mean?

The sheer size of China (1.357 billion people) makes this news exciting. Again, it’s a long road to 100,000 signatures, and an even longer one to getting the government to actually legalize iPoker – see the United States for a reference. But putting a regulated online poker market in the world’s largest country would definitely be a huge boost to the game.

Of course, as somebody in the TwoPlusTwo forum thread pointed out, the average Chinese salary (approx. $4,750 per year) isn’t as much as other lucrative poker markets. But on the other hand, this is a country that has a pretty heavy gambling culture. Plus, newly minted and legal online gaming would certainly prove popular to China’s residents. So long story short, it would be sweet to see the cause for legal Chinese iPoker taken further.

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