Mike Matusow vs. Vanessa Selbst – Mouth Labeled “Disgusting” & “Pathetic”

mike-matusow-pokerMike Matusow made his name in poker by winning tournament titles and speaking his mind. The latter has made him plenty of enemies in the poker world, including Vanessa Selbst.

Their beef goes back to last year, when Matusow tweeted about his adamant support for Donald Trump. Selbst and Daniel Negreanu, on the other hand, were constantly butting heads with him and ripping Trump.

Mostly recently, “The Mouth” shared his view on the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal. Matusow didn’t necessarily support the famed movie producer, who’s accused of rape and sexual assault by a number of actresses. Instead, he tweeted the following controversial view/joke:

“As sick as the Harvey Weistein story is everyone in USA pretty much knew you had to do sexual favors to make it in Hollywood! #hypocrites”

Selbst, a lawyer who’s adamant about civil rights, prisoners, and other causes, took offense to the view. She tweeted the following:

vanessa-selbst-poker“You are a disgusting, delusional, and downright pathetic human being. Every tweet you make is somehow worse than the last.”

The two engaged in a war of words over The Mouth’s original tweet. Selbst’s comments convinced Matusow to defend his original statement and try to offer some clarification on his tweets. The 49-year-old poker pro offered the following comments:

“No-one on this planet who respects & treats women better than me!”

“Ty but all I was doing is stating facts about truth that goes on in Hollywood & for that I got attacked & im evil empire! #triggered.”

Things have cooled down for the time being. But given how controversial Matusow is, it’s only a matter of time before he gets into it with somebody else. Considering his history with Selbst, I wouldn’t be surprised to see these two clash again.

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