Phil Hellmuth Serving as Brand Ambassador for Decent Bet

phil-hellmuth-decent-betPhil Hellmuth has signed a deal to represent Decent.Bet, a new crypto-related gaming platform. The 14-time WSOP champion will serve as a brand ambassador for the company.

Decent Bet brings an interesting concept to the online gaming world, where users can serve as both the player and house. 100% of profits from their “be the house” model are distributed back to DBET token holders.

Jedidiah Taylor, CEO of Decent.Bet, has discussed how the cryptocurrency’s name stems from the idea of “decentralized betting.” Taylor also touts how their platform offers transparent betting, meaning players can verify the authenticity of wagers.

Decent.Bet will run on the VeChain platform. VeChain has risen up the ranks of cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap. They currently rank 17th overall with a $1.42 billion market cap.

Decent.Bet Excited about Bringing Hellmuth Aboard

Decent.Bet is ecstatic about having one of the world’s most-famous poker pros serve as their ambassador. Here’s an excerpt from their recent Medium post on the subject:

“Hellmuth brings a lifetime of poker and gambling experience, expertise and relationships to the DBET family. He is aligned with our goal of changing the way people play online and committed to helping us make the best gaming platform in the world. He believes in what we’re doing and has been proudly wearing our gear at the WSOP and other premier poker events this year.

“Known as “the Poker Brat,” Hellmuth is a force-of-nature personality known for being disruptive. When you consider our goal of disrupting the gaming industry — there is not be a better fit to help us along the way than the Poker Brat.”

Few Poker Pros are Better for the Job

Phil Hellmuth is easily one of the most-recognizable faces in poker and beyond. He regularly makes television appearances, including mainstream media interviews.

Hellmuth has made a name for himself through a long history of poker tournament success and his infamous blow-ups at the table. Now, he brings his worldwide fame and gambling acumen to the DBET team.

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