PKR Poker Shuts Down – Will Players Get Funds Back?

pkr-poker-closesSeveral prominent poker sites have shut down over the past several years, including Absolute Poker, Lock Poker, and UB Poker. Now you can add PKR to this list because they closed down this month.

Of course, the common question when this happens is if players will get their money back. Unfortunately, in this case, it’s likely that players won’t receive their funds.

It’s upsetting that PKR Poker closed because they launched with a fair amount of enthusiasm. After all, they self-promoted themselves as the first 3D online poker site, and they allowed players to customize their avatars.

Their exciting and energized approach gave the industry something new in the poker world. Unfortunately, this model began to lose players’ attention as time passed.

PKR Shut Down After “Routine Maintenance”

Last week, PKR Poker was down for what they claimed was routine maintenance. This routine maintenance turned into a much longer-than-expected delay. Eventually, the site admitted that they were closing for good.

pkr-poker-shuts-downThe website states “financial issues” as its main reason for shutting down. They don’t give any instructions on how customers can retrieve their money from their accounts on PKR Poker.

Will PKR Players Get their Money Back?

A big concern is that there never seems to be any rules in place when online poker sites close.

Online gaming jurisdictions regulate these sites and offer check-ups. But licensing jurisdictions can’t pay back affected players in the event of a shutdown.

It’s unknown how much money was on PKR at the time of the site’s closure. But luckily it won’t be anywhere near what players experienced when Full Tilt Poker, Absolute, and UB closed.

As a small consolation, PKR offers an email address for support. But don’t get your hopes up for a speedy response at

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