Poker Players Alliance Funding Falls Short – PPA Fate Unknown

ppa-fundraising-falls-shortThe Poker Players Alliance has been desperately trying to raise money for their cause. But the poker lobbying group has fallen short of reaching their funding goal of $25,000.

Their fundraiser closed on March 31, with only $6,015 pledged to the organization. This means that they’re almost $19,000 short of what PPA President Rich Muny is seeking.

Nobody from the PPA has commented on missing the targeted $25k amount at this time.

Issues with PokerStars Agenda

Muny originally asked members of TwoPlusTwo if they were interested in pledging money to the PPA. But he received backlash from certain 2p2 members over PokerStars. Specifically, some forum users felt that the PPA had worked too closely to serve PokerStars’ best interests in the past.

2p2 member “curtinsea” wrote:

“Without being hamstrung by Pokerstars, the PPA could, if it chose to, look at other ways to bring online poker to the 40 states that Pokerstars is NEVER going to serve.

ppa-fundraising-falls-short-1“Probably the best way to bring online poker to those states is thru state lotteries. For those states, there would never be more than a single operator anyway. As a partner, government would get a far better revenue share than they would thru taxation.

“And state lotteries can join together to form interstate lotteries (Powerball, MegaMillions) and share liquidity. It is an approach that should be taken seriously. It’s just not one that Pokerstars will support.”

Muny responded by posting:

“I never saw PPA is being connected to the Stars’ agenda at all. Rather, state legislative gaming fights are tough — and expensive. We never had the capacity to go it alone. Rather, we can assist when industry (and not only Stars) is willing to push a state forward through a lobbying effort. And, as you learned (and already knew, of course), no state will move forward without knowing who will be providing services. Even the lottery route has that limitation.”

PPA Experiencing Volatility

The PPA has faced some huge challenges over the past few months. For starters, former president John Pappas stepped down from the position that he held for 10 years.

Perhaps even more challenging is the fact that PokerStars pulled their funding from the group. This is likely what led to the current need for funding.

Now that they didn’t get the money, it’s possible that the PPA will be forced to shut down.

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