Poker’s William Kassouf Banned from Grosvenor Casinos

william-kassouf-pokerWilliam Kassouf has worn on many fellow poker players with his antics at the table.

Apparently, he’s also worn on Grosvenor casinos since the UK-based chain has now banned him.

This means that Kassouf will no longer be able to play poker or any other casino games at their 55 establishments.

Why Is Kassouf Banned from Grosvenor Casinos?

Interesting enough, Kassouf’s ban revolves around roulette, rather than poker. He and his friends were playing roulette at the Grosvenor Casino Westgate in Leeds, while taking a break from a UK Poker Tour event.

British poker player Michael J. O’Mahoney was a member of the party and described what Kassouf did in detail.

“We were all drunk and the only one playing roulette was one mate who won about 4k and let us bet for him using the single 1 (£100) chips he had,” wrote O’Mahoney.

“We put a bet on that won another £2800 and Kassouf started celebrating and grabbing the £100 chips which myself and mates took back.”

While it seems like this is more of Kassouf’s annoying antics, he was actually trying to steal some of the chips.

“But in the ensuing betting he was seen pocketing some. That’s when argument happened,” O’Mahoney added.

“Like I said, we all wanted to keep it between us and we had a private argument at bar with a view to it being sorted the next day.”

Grosvenor Settles the Matter

Despite O’Mahoney and his friends wanted to keep the incident to themselves, Grosvenor management found out what happened. They proceeded to ban Kassouf from all of their properties.

Kassouf has since apologized, saying that he had too much to drink that night.

“I will continue to do what I do best by bringing the fun and entertainment factor back to poker as that’s what’s most important to me in my poker career,” he stated.

Kassouf first landed on the poker radar when he took 17th in the 2016 WSOP Main Event and won $338,288. He was frequently featured on ESPN’s coverage getting under fellow players’ skin.

He’s since gone on to win the 2016 EPT Prague High Roller for €532,500 ($555,619) and now has $1,406,158 in career winnings.

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