Roberto Romanello Launches Sports Betting App

roberto-romanelloWith over $3.3 million in tournament winnings and an EPT & WPT title, Roberto Romanello is widely regarded as the best Welsh poker player ever. But he’s also an avid sports bettor and has turned his passion towards launching his own app.

Called betclever, the app compares sports betting odds so that you get the best price available. Betclever is off to a hot start, with lots of downloads already.

“I have had the idea for as long as I can remember but I started to seriously think about creating an app two years ago,” Romanello told PokerListings.

“As my interest in football betting developed I would spend ages in the bookies, leafing through the Racing Post, trying to find the best prices. Then I would jump in my car and find the bookies with the best value.”

Based on the hours he spent looking for the best football (soccer) odds, Romanello eventually became a winner. But he still wasn’t happy about all the work he had to put into finding the good odds.

“Over time I started to do well. But it always bothered me to see the £10-£20 football coupon punters having to accept the price of their local bookmaker,” he explained. “It felt wrong. So in a way I created betclever for those people.”

Romanello and his business partner, Jamie, came up with the name betclever for their product. But they had to negotiate a price for the domain name because it was already taken.

Although he still takes poker seriously, Romanello had to take time off the tournament circuit to get his project off the ground. It took 4-6 months for the app to be completed, and he had to meet various bookmakers across Europe.

roberto-romanello-betting-appBut it appears that the time was well spent.

“What used to take me 30-60 minutes leafing through the Racing Post now takes between 2-5 seconds on the betclever app. You choose your bet, and the app will find you the best UK price available within seconds,” he said.

“The thing looks beautiful; it’s so crisp and fast. It’s also free to download. We will never charge betclever users a single penny for using our app.”

The Welsh poker champion said that betclever makes a profit by sending bettors to bookmakers, who in turn pay them a commission.

Now that the project is complete, Romanello wants to take betclever as far as he can, then sell the app when he can’t take it any further himself. He also plans on getting back to the poker tables soon.

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