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Carlos Mortensen, Todd Brunson: 2016 Poker Hall of Fame Inductees

Friday, October 14th, 2016

mortensen-brunson-hall-of-fameMany were convinced that Carlos Mortensen, a WSOP Main Event winner and 3-time WPT champion, was a shoo-in for the 2016 Poker Hall of Fame class. But the second spot…nobody was really sure about this.

We now know that it will be Todd Brunson joining Mortensen as a 2016 Poker Hall of Fame inductee. Both players were voted into the Poker HOF by a 44-member panel consisting of media members and current HOF members.

“It’s a true honor to be inducted by my peers into this prestigious institution,” said Brunson. “I literally grew up attending these ceremonies and have always respected and admired its members. To join their ranks is the honor of a lifetime.”

The 51st and 52nd players voted into the Poker Hall of Fame, Brunson and Mortensen are interesting selections for their own reasons.

Todd joins his dad, Doyle Brunson, as the first father-son combo in the HOF. Mortensen is the first European and international player to earn this prestigious honor.

“I have been playing poker professionally for more than 20 years,” Mortensen said. “This game has given me so many things that I have come to cherish. I’ve always wanted to be included among the great players who make up the Poker Hall of Fame. To be included with the legends makes me very happy. I want to thank my friends, the poker fans, and all the people who vote for me. I take this honor very seriously.”

Other nominees for the 2016 Poker Hall of Fame class included Chris Bjorin, Humberto Brenes, Eli Elezra, Bruno Fitoussi, Chris Moneymaker, Max Pescatori, Matt Savage, and David “Devilfish” Ulliott.

This year featured lots of debate on whether player-contributor hybrids like Moneymaker and Fitoussi should be considered for the HOF.

Daniel Negreanu believes that players should only be judged on their poker accomplishments and not ambassadorship. Negreanu wrote that Bjorin, Brunson, Mortensen, and Devilfish were the only ones who met all the criteria for a player entry into the Hall of Fame.

Mike “The Mouth” Matusow was disappointed that he wasn’t a nominee. He also discussed why Chris Moneymaker – a player/ambassador – has no business in the HOF.

Aside from Brunson, Moneymaker and Ulliott were often in the conversation for this year’s second Hall of Fame slot. But Brunson, with his noted high stakes play and $4.1 million in tournament winnings, got the nod.

3 Europeans who could get in 2016 Poker Hall of Fame Class

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

carlos-mortensen-pokerFollowing the 2015 Poker Hall of Fame selections of John Juanda and Jennifer Harman, most of the conversation afterward has centered on how non-Americans have very little chance to make the PHOF. Specifically, the only non-American in the Hall is Edmund Hoyle, who died in 1769 and was selected in 1980. With all the talk about how the HOF voting needs to be less biased, it seems like a European player/contributor could make it in next year. That said, let’s discuss three Europeans who could potentially land in the 2016 Poker Hall of Fame class.

1. Carlos Mortensen

Purely from a tournament perspective, Carlos Mortensen is a shoo-in for the Poker Hall of Fame. He has $11.91 million in live tournament winnings along with two WSOP gold bracelets and three WPT titles. Furthermore, “El Matador” won the 2001 WSOP Main Event and the 2007 WPT Championship. About the only thing that Mortensen can’t claim on his resume is a successful high stakes career. However, there are other players who don’t quite satisfy this requirement either.

2. Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott

dave-devilfish-ulliotThere was an emotional aspect involved in Ulliott’s 2015 bid for the PHOF, given that he passed away this year. So when Ulliott didn’t make it in, there were some cries from fellow European players who questioned the all-American voting panel for the HOF. Will Devilfish make it in next year as a result of the outcry? Ulliott’s resume is borderline, with $6 million in tournament winnings and a gold bracelet. However, his entertaining personality adds something to his bid for the PHOF.

3. Bruno Fitoussi

Based purely on his playing career, Bruno Fitoussi falls short of the Hall. He has $2.79 million in tourney earnings, but has never had a major victory. However, what pushes Fitoussi’s resume over the top is that he’s perhaps the most-instrumental person in the history of French poker. Fitoussi brought poker to Aviation Club de France and also influenced many French citizens to take up the game.