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US DoJ to Repay Absolute Poker Funds

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

absolute-poker-fundsIn a surprise announcement this week, the US State Attorney for the Southern District of New York has begun the repayment process for affected Absolute Poker players.

Absolute Poker was one of four sites that received indictments from the US Department of Justice on April 15, 2011 (a.k.a. Black Friday). Another was UB Poker, which was featured on the same network (Cereus) as Absolute.

UB and Absolute players are the only ones who haven’t received any compensation for their funds prior to Black Friday. PokerStars players’ balances weren’t affected, while Full Tilt players eventually received their funds after PokerStars purchased the site.

Attorney Joon H. Kim states that the Garden City Group, which processed claims for Full Tilt Poker players, will also handle reimbursing affected Absolute players. If you had funds on this site prior to Black Friday, keep reading to find out how to get them back.

Remission Deadline for Claiming Absolute Poker Funds

The first thing you need to do is visit and submit a claim. As long as you do so by the remission deadline of June 9, 2017, Garden City Group will handle the matter and get your money to you.

Who Qualifies for Absolute Poker Funds?

joon-h-kim-absolute-pokerTo receive a payment, you must have funds on your Absolute Poker account. If you dispute the claim, you need to offer supporting documentation. If you agree with the funds, then you don’t have to submit anything other than your claim.

Please note that Absolute loyalty points, Event Dollars, Step Tickets, and Tournament Dollars won’t be refunded.

Will UB Poker Funds be Repaid?

Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer on this. While UB Poker was on the Cereus network with Absolute Poker, there’s no word on if UB player will be repaid. The release on AbsolutePokerClaims only mentions Absolute players.

However, we assume that UB players will eventually receive their money. After all, few expected Absolute Poker players to be reimbursed because they weren’t part of PokerStars’ Black Friday settlement deal, where they purchased Full Tilt for $731 million.