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Scott Blumstein Wins 2017 WSOP Main Event – Dominates Final Table

Monday, July 24th, 2017

scott-blumstein-2017-wsop-main-eventScott Blumstein has won the 2017 WSOP Main Event along with $8,150,000. The New Jersey native dominated the final table and almost led wire to wire.

Blumstein started with a slight lead over John Hesp when the final table began. Outside of a brief point where Hesp took the lead, Blumstein crushed his final table competition. And this is quite a turnaround for a guy who couldn’t even afford to buy into the Main Event last summer.

Blumstein Goes from Not Playing WSOP to being a Champion

The WSOP Main Event buy-in is $10,000. And Blumstein found this to be too rich for his bankroll last year. So he entered a $1 million deepstack event at the Borgata Summer Poker Open.

Playing over 2,500 miles from the bright lights of the Rio, Blumstein won the $1 million deepstack tourney along with $200,000. He then parlayed these winnings into a $10k buy-in in the 2017 WSOP Main Event, which has become a life-changing experience.

“The world is a funny place, and funny things happen here,” said Blumstein. “My story’s a pretty interesting one, I think, and for it to end and climax in this fashion is something I never thought possible.”

How Blumstein’s Victory Happened

7,221 players entered the 2017 Main Event, which is the third most in the tournament’s history. And it wasn’t until Day 7 that Blumstein began emerging as the potential champion. When the final table was formed, he held a chip lead with 97,250,00.

Of course, chip leads can quickly change in poker. But not in Blumstein’s case, as he perfectly used his edge to win small and big pots.

One defining hand during the tournament is when Blumstein eliminated France’s Antoine Saout in fifth place. This was big because he gained over 60% of the chips in play.

“I feel pretty fortunate throughout the whole tournament to have a big stack, but that’s what the Main Event allows you to do,” he said. “I definitely think having a big stack allows you to put pressure on and that increases your chances of winning for sure.”

Heads-Up Play

scott-blumstein-ben-pollak-pokerAfter France’s Benjamin Pollak was knocked out in third place, Blumstein and Daniel Ott faced off for poker glory. Blumstein held a 2-to-1 chip lead and never looked back. 65 hands later, he finished off his opponent by hitting a 3-outer deuce to win the event.

“Is there a better way to win the Main Event than hitting a three-outer on the river? A normally inconsequential deuce just changed my life,” he exclaimed. “I’m going to be honest. I wish I could say that I was thinking it was coming the whole time, but I was mentally preparing for 40-big blind poker.”

Ott certainly wasn’t sad about finishing runner-up and scooping $4,700,000. The Pennsylvanian scored big in his WSOP debut.

“This whole thing has just been amazing,” Ott said. “I’m the happiest person ever, maybe next to Scott. I can’t complain about $4.7 million. It’s an amazing experience.”

2017 WSOP Main Event Final Table Results

1. Scott Blumstein (Morristown, New Jersey) – $8,150,000
2. Daniel Ott (Altoona, Pennsylvania) – $4,700,000
3. Benjamin Pollak (Paris) – $3,500,000
4. John Hesp (Bridlington, England) – $2,600,000
5. Antoine Saout (Paris) – $2,000,000
6. Bryan Piccioli (Allegany, New York) – $1,675,000
7. Damian Salas (Buenos Aires, Argentina) – $1,425,000
8. Jack Sinclair (London) – $1,200,000
9. Ben Lamb (Las Vegas) – $1,000,000

Scott Blumstein Leads 2017 WSOP Main Event Final Table

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

2017-wsop-main-event-final-tableThe 2017 WSOP Main Event final table has been decided after 7 days of play.

9 players remain from the original 7,221-player field, with American semi-pro Scott Blumstein leading the way. Let’s recap how the final table was formed and discuss some of the notable finalists.

Final Day of Play

27 hopefuls began Day 7 of the WSOP Main Event seeking a final table spot.

Christian Pham had the best chance at moving on because he had the chip lead. Unfortunately for Pham, this wasn’t his day as he busted out in 19th place ($263,532).

Marcel “The Flying Dutchman” Luske was one of the biggest names on the final day. But he too would bust out early, settling for 23rd place ($263,532).

Michael Ruane, who took fourth in last year’s main Event ($2.5 million), was looking to make his second-straight final table. However, he was the 10th-place bubble boy ($825,001) after his A-6 combo fell to Damian Salas’ J-J.

2017 WSOP Main Event Final Table Chip Counts

1. Scott Blumstein (US) – 97,250,000 chips (122bb)
2. John Hesp (UK) – 85,700,000 (107bb)
3. Benjamin Pollak (Fr) – 35,175,000 (44bb)
4. Bryan Piccioli (US) – 33,800,000 (42bb)
5. Dan Ott (US) – 26,475,000 (33bb)
6. Damian Salas (Arg) – 22,175,000 (28bb)
7. Antoine Saout (Fr) – 21,750,000 (27bb)
8. Jack Sinclair (UK) – 20,200,000 (25bb)
9. Ben Lamb (US) – 18,050,000 (23bb)

Notable 2017 Main Event Finalists

Scott Blumstein

scott-blumsteinAll eyes are on this amateur player, who’s carved out a decent career with $312,142 in live winnings and another $147,046 online. Inspired by Chris Moneymaker’s 2003 Main Event victory, Blumstein has been playing poker ever since. And he has a chance to emulate Moneymaker’s win 14 years later.

“I feel amazing, I can’t believe its real,” said Blumstein. “I have a great group of guys and we’re going to get to work to prepare for Thursday. This is one of the biggest moments of my life. And I’m super excited.”

ben-lamb-2017-main-eventBen Lamb

Ben Lamb is the biggest name on the final table. He has over $7.2 million in live earnings. He also won a gold bracelet and WSOP Player of the Year in 2011.

Antoine Saout

The Frenchman’s poker career got off to a bang when he finished third in the 2009 WSOP Main Event and earned $3,479,670. Antione Saout has continued playing well since then, racking up $5,551,412 in live tournament winnings.

John Hesp

This 64-year-old grandfather is making headlines for his flamboyant dress and age. The Brit was asked about his wardrobe, to which he said the following:

“This shirt and this jacket and two other shirts, which are back in the hotel being laundered as we speak, were loaned to me by a good friend who lives back home in Bridlington. I commented on how much I liked his shirts the last time we were here in Vegas and he offered to loan them to me for the trip this time. They so far have brought me very good luck.”