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Antonio Esfandiari pees at Table – Disqualified from PCA Main Event

Monday, January 11th, 2016

antonio-esfandiari-lunge-prop-betAntonio Esfandiari has had a storied poker career that’s seen him rack up $26.5 million in tournament winnings. However, the 2016 PCA Main Event certainly won’t add to his storied career since he was disqualified for peeing at the table.

“The Magician” peed in a bottle under the table, which drew the ire of the tournament staff. PCA officials quickly gave Esfandiari the boot for a “breach of etiquette.”

Afterward, Antonio was totally understanding of their decision when discussing the situation with PokerNews’ Sarah Herring. And he says that the whole matter stems from a “lunge” prop bet that he made with millionaire hedge-fund manager Bill Perkins.

“I was thinking about what I was going to do to win this bet,” Esfandiari said. “When looking back, I realize that I didn’t look at the bigger picture and I definitely made a mistake…and I don’t want to talk specifically about what I did but my actions were totally out of line. and unacceptable.”

Esfandiari would go on to say that he originally thought his actions (peeing in a bottle) would be humorous, but that’s not the way everybody saw it.

As for the bet, The Magician was required to lunge everywhere he went for 48 hours. After so long, his legs became extremely sore and he was looking for ways to cut down on his walking (lunging) time. This is where the idea to urinate in a bottle came from because he didn’t want to walk to the bathroom.

There’s no word on exactly how much money was on the line in Esandiari’s prop bet with Perkins. But it must have been a significant amount for Esfandiari to decide that it was worth peeing in a bottle at a live poker tournament.