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Bill Perkins, Dan Bilzerian make $1.2m Prop Bet on Biking from LA to Vegas

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

dani-bilzerian-partyingBill Perkins and Dan Bilzerian are adding another big chapter to poker prop betting lore. Perkins bet Bilzerian $1.2 million that he can’t ride a bike from L.A. to Las Vegas in under 48 hours. The bet will see both men risk $600,000 on the lengthy bike ride.

Bilzerian tweeted that he hasn’t ridden a bicycle in 18 years, which makes sense because he’s been driving luxury cars most of his life. Blitz won’t have much time to train either because he’s supposed to start the ride by March 31st.

The two seem to disagree on exactly how far the ride will be. Bilzerian originally tweeted that he’ll have to go 278 miles to complete the journey. However, Perkins corrected him by tweeted that Google Maps shows he has 320 miles to ride. The difference could be chalked up to the possibility that Bilzerian was looking at an estimation if you’re driving from L.A. to Vegas.

bill-perkins-prop-betIn any case, it’s going to be one long bike ride for a guy who doesn’t do much cycling. For a Tour de France rider, it would be no problem since they race 2,200 miles over 23 days in mountainous terrain. For a guy who hangs his hat on partying with women and shooting guns, it’s going to be brutal – especially in the desert heat!

Interestingly enough, the prop bet between Perkins and Bilzerian arose because of poker pro Samantha Abernathy. Bilzerian bet Abernathy $10,000 that she couldn’t make the distance from L.A. to Vegas in 72 hours or less. This is obviously smaller stakes and more time to complete the goal than Bilzerian is getting. But this bet also looks to happen pretty soon too, so it’ll be fun to see how both wagers turn out.