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Bill Perkins Claims He Was Victim of Cheating Scandal – Doesn’t Release Details

Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

Millionaire Bill Perkins has become one of the world’s most-popular recreational poker players. He frequently mixes it up with top high rollers.

However, Perkins recently alluded to a major cheating scandal that he’s part of. The legendary gas trader won’t offer any actual details as of yet, though.

What Tidbits Is Perkins Offering on the Cheating?

Again, Perkins is very vague about the potential cheating scandal. He merely offered a few confusing tweets on the matter.

The founder of Thirst Lounge noted that he knows of a “Cheating scandal in poker going on that would make the Mike Postle scandal look like a church service.”

As you may know, Mike Postle was caught cheating in live televised poker games. Postle’s actions made prime time poker news.

“Really hard to wrap my head around. I’m very disappointed in many people,” Perkins continued tweeting. “Some you would call poker heroes. 1 person/pro showed integrity others failed miserably.”

Is It Possible to Top Postle Cheating Scandal?

Postle is currently at the heart of a $10 million lawsuit. He stands accused of cheating opponents out of six figures during Stones Live streams from 2018 to 2019.

Postle’s cheating scandal made national and international headlines. Therefore, Perkins’ scandal would have to be extremely big by comparison.

Not surprisingly, Bill Perkins’ cryptic tweets have caused rampant speculation throughout the poker community. Many want to know who tried ripping him off.

The only solid detail is that Jason Koon isn’t the alleged perpetrator. In fact, he’s the only player who “acted in integrity” during the game.

“I have been permission to say that @JasonKoon was the pro who was tempted and acted in integrity,” Perkins clarified. “I’ve always liked Jason and now I love him.

“So you can stop speculating about him. I’m still in investigative mode and not ready to discuss. As I said hard to wrap my head around.”

Poker on the Yacht with Bill Perkins

Friday, January 27th, 2017

bill-perkins-yacht-pokerMany online poker players like to brag about their sick setups. But what’s better than playing on a yacht like millionaire/poker amateur Bill Perkins?

Via his Twitch channel, Thirst Lounge, Perkins has been streaming some solid content of him playing online poker, or watching over Dan Bilzerian’s shoulder as he multi-accounts.

Perkins opened his Twitch channel with a bang, giving out live tournament packages to the 2017 PCA. He’s since used the interest and followers generated from the giveaway to build his Twitch following.

Whether playing sessions with Bilzerian or just playing by himself, Perkins is already proving to be one of the more-interesting Twitch personalities.

Besides Bilzerian, poker pro Jeff Gross – a friend of Perkins’ – also makes appearances on the Twitch stream.

Of course, given that Perkins isn’t a pro, watching him isn’t going to significantly improve your game – it’s purely for entertainment. But again, it’s fun to see a rich amateur playing from his yacht.

As for his poker career, Bill Perkins has made over $2.6 million in live tournaments. The bulk of this money comes from when he took third place in the 2013 WSOP $111,111 One Drop High Roller. But he’s also managed to cash in several other events too, including a fifth-place effort in the 2017 PCA $25k High Roller ($92,520).

As for where Perkins’ fortune comes from, he initially made his money as head of Skylar Capital & Skylar Energy. Now worth hundreds of millions, it looks like he has more time to relax on his yacht and causally play online poker hands worth thousands of dollars.

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