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Dan “Grinch” Bilzerian almost Dies to win $1.2m Bike Bet

Saturday, April 2nd, 2016

dani-bilzerian-partyingAfter a rough ride through mountains and desert, Dan Bilzerian has completed a 300-mile bike journey from Las Vegas to L.A. in less than 48 hours, winning him a $1.2 million prop bet. Obviously this sounds like good news for the King of Instagram; however, Bilzerian has been described as looking like the “Grinch” now, and he almost died at one point too.

Bill Perkins, who lost his $600k wager against Bilzerian completing the ride, spoke to the New York Post about the poker pro’s shaky condition.

“He looks like the Grinch — his skin is green,” Perkins said after visiting Bilzerian in his Hollywood Hills home. “He’s looking like death right now. He’s in bed with chafed buttocks, a fever, hot and cold [flashes], chills, wobbly legs.”

It seems that the 35-year-old will recover from his excruciating bike ride with time. But Perkins, who was trailing the action in a van, says that there were several moments when it didn’t seem like Bilzerian would survive the journey.

“Dan risked death a couple of times,” said Perkins. “I saw a car almost drive right into him. His bike coach, who is a complete badass, watched Dan riding up a hill, in the pitch-black night, heading into Barstow, and said that he wouldn’t do it. It was too dangerous. Dan was getting sucked in and out of the road. The odds of getting killed were higher than he thought. He was an idiot for taking the bet.”

Overall, though, Perkins was impressed with Bilzerian’s effort and admired the social-media star for using “all his willpower.”

One guy who wasn’t too impressed is celebutate Rick Salomon, who, as we discussed before, wagered $250k against Bilzerian’s G4 jet that the latter would die or go brain-dead during the bike ride. Salomon is now saying that he doesn’t have to pay the $250k because, at one point, Bilzerian was drafting off the chase van he rented. For Perkins part, he believes that Bilzerian would have made the ride in less than 48 hours regardless of the drafting. But Salomon is sticking to the idea that drafting was essentially cheating in this case.

Regardless of if he ever sees the money from Salomon, Bilzerian can at least relish in the fact that he won $600k off Perkins. And it sounds like he may have cheated death in the process.