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Bilzerian adds G4 Jet to Bicycle Prop Bet

Saturday, March 26th, 2016

dan-bilzerian-bikeNot long ago, Dan Bilzerian made a monster prop bet on his ability to bicycle from L.A. to Las Vegas. And as we covered, Bilzerian bet $600k against Bill Perkins’ matching sum that he can complete the journey in less than 48 hours. Now, it appears that the pot is sweetened since celebutant Rick Salomon has wagered $250,000 against Bilzerian’s G4 jet. Here’s a tweet from the latter:

“Just bet Rick my G4 vs his 250k. If I die or get brain dead he wins, if I bike 300miles, I win, almost a mil on line”

Kind of a morbid prop bet, however, one that adds to the lore of the entire event. Interestingly enough, Perkins offered the wager to Salomon first, who turned it down. Maybe Bilzerian should have turned it down as well because he professed to having spent less than 20 hours on a bike prior to training for this bet.

“Blitz” enlisted the help of famed cyclist Lance Armstrong to improve his training. But will even this be enough when one considers the steep climb from L.A. to Vegas? Here’s another quote from Bilzerian:

“Nobody does this. From LA to Vegas I have a 13,000-foot climb — which is [almost] half of Mount Everest — but I wanted a challenge.”

Perhaps the fact that he made it through Navy SEAL training twice encouraged him to take on such a difficult prop bet. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that Blitz is all-in on this wager, and he only has one more week of solid training. Can he finish the 300-mile trek up mountainous terrain in less than 48 hours? Win or lose, you’ll be sure to hear the results here at ThePokerPractice next week.