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Natasha Sandhu ripped for plagiarizing Poker Articles

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

natasha-sandhu-plagiarizing-poker-articlesAs somebody who’s been spinning out medium-to-above-average poker articles for almost a decade now, I’m not big on plagiarizing other people’s work. Sure, poker writers get “ideas” from each other and blissfully benefit from all the gossip threads that TwoPlusTwo users dig up from the dark recesses of the internet. But to completely steal somebody else’s work and slap your name on it…well, even Kim Jong-il might find something morally irreprehensible with this.

But apparently Natasha Sandhu doesn’t, or at least she claims ignorance in the matter of not knowing that plagiarizing is wrong. Poker sleuths ran a few of Sandhu’s PokerTube articles through Copyscape and found that a great deal of her writing was verbatim from other sites (see picture below, not the sexy bikini picture on the right).

Sandhu, who first became poker-famous through her engagement to Sam Trickett, combined with her hot looks (she’s a model), began working for PokerTube last year. And as I previously explained, her initial job was to provide video content for the site. Well, it seems that this job evolved into writing duties too, which, based on the current evidence, suggests that this went about as well as the Hindenburg and the Friends spin-off Joey.

To be honest, my in-depth knowledge of the plagiarizing subject comes from accounts on this TwoPlusTwo thread, which originally began as an attack against PokerTube for “stealing content.” I already got into this subject before, which you can see here in my PokerNews vs. PokerTube article.

natasha-sandhu-plagiarizing-poker-articles-2As for the Sandhu discussion, which begins in the later pages of the thread, somebody named “bubbleswubbles” seems to have the scoop, or at least from their opinion. I’m not 100% ingrained in the poker community, in fact I’m a serial forum lurker, akin to some 50-year-old bar hack/creeper who goes around photobombing bachelorette party pictures. So I don’t really know who bubbleswubbles is and if they had their writing ripped off by Sandhu. But regardless of their vendetta against the model, they do make some decent points about Sandhu claiming innocence, such as the following:

“I see it differently. She’s a full grown adult woman of at least somewhat average intelligence who stole someone else’s article and claimed it as her own. I can understand not wanting to judge people, but truth be told, she didn’t take responsibility. She didn’t say, yes, I stole someone else’s work and claimed it as my own, knowing that it was wrong to do so and that was a lousy thing to do. Instead, she acted like a child or someone too unknown to understand that what she did was wrong and played on people’s sympathy to try to weasel out of admitting that she did indeed know that it was wrong and did it anyway because she thought she could get away with it. There is a huge difference between not knowing something is wrong and not caring that it is wrong. She just didn’t care. In accepting that, you are saying that you think she is essentially a simple minded person. Do you really think that she is so stupid as to not know that something as basic as stealing someone else’s work and saying she was the creator of said work is wrong. Clearly she’s not a genius, but unless she is handicapped in some way, she knew exactly what she was doing and just did not care. By pretending to be too stupid to understand, she did play the victim card. I suspect she’s morally handicapped, not mentally handicapped.”

“They (PokerTube) don’t appear to care either, that doesn’t make her less responsible for what she chose to do, it just makes them wrong as well. Clearly you want to accept her excuses and I’m sure she is extremely adept at tugging on people’s little heart strings and playing the victim and I get the urge to want to be forgiving, but I don’t think it hurts to call someone on what is clearly unacceptable behavior and I don’t think it would kill her to just suck it up and admit she knew what she did was wrong and did it anyway and learn a lesson from it. If she’s not competent to make decisions for herself, perhaps someone could be assigned to hold her hand and help her make these complicated moral decisions that the rest of us manage to make on a regular basis. Yes, we all make mistakes, but then we admit to them, hang our heads in shame and learn from it. If I do something wrong, I at least have the balls, so to speak, to admit to it. I don’t flutter my eye lashes, act like a child and try to manipulate people into thinking I’m too dumb to be held responsible for what I did.”

All I can say is, ouch!!