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Vince Van Patten discusses New Gambling Movie

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

vince-van-patten-pokerHaving commentated on the World Poker Tour for 13 years, Vince Van Patten has been on the poker scene for a long time. Given that he’s also an actor, Van Patten has some good insight into what the poker/gambling movie genre has done right and wrong over the years. So it’s only natural that he’s decided to try his own hand at creating a gambling movie.

“This May, I’m doing a movie. I wrote a comedy about the gambling world and the characters that are in it,” Van Patten told CardPlayer. “It’s a fantastic new project for me. It’s based on true events and it’s focused on the high roller gamblers in L.A. and the crazy bets they make. The characters are these bigger-than-life people, which you see all the time in the gambling world.”

Van Patten also says that there are going to be some famous poker players and experienced actors involved with the project.

“A lot of good poker players are going to be in it,” he said. “Gary Marshall is going to be executive producer and we’ve also got David T. Friendly, who did Little Miss Sunshine. We’re going to be casting it pretty soon and then we’ll see where it goes from there.”

One can’t be blamed for being skeptical about if Van Patten’s movie will be any good. After all, there are far more misses than hits in the history of gambling movies. But perhaps the former professional tennis player has used all these bad movies to his credit by learning from their mistakes.

“I think (poker movies) missed the mark, for the most part, and hopefully, I’ll hit it,” Van Patten said. “I think the Cincinnati Kid was an excellent movie, and Rounders did a decent job, but other than that, it’s been rough. That being said, you have to cut these movies some slack. It’s really hard to make a good film, let alone one about poker. I think it’s really difficult to make a movie that’s accurate, but is also entertaining. It really can’t be about the poker hands, because that’s when you lose the audience. That’s why my attempt is going to be about the characters.”

If you’d like to see Van Patten’s entire interview, check it out at CardPlayer.