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Should We read into Cristiano Ronaldo Poker Pic?

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

cristianao-ronaldo-pokerIt seems like poker has caught football fever in recent months, or maybe it’s just all the rumors surrounding which mega-footballer PokerStars has their sights on. Their deal to lure Zlatan Ibrahimovic for €3-4 million failed, and stories immediately sparked up over PokerStars possibly signing Neymar. This has yet to happen, but now there’s talk of Stars adding Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo to their pro roster.

Still quite possibly the greatest footballer in the world, Ronaldo has also been known to play the occasional poker game or two. After he scored a hat trick against Sevilla, the 30-year-old instagrammed a picture of himself playing poker to celebrate. And I do have to say, I much prefer this pic over the underwear ad starring himself that’s currently on Ronaldo’s Instagram. With 17 million followers – enough to make Dan “King of Instagram” Bilzerian look like a mere court jester – we can be fairly certain that many people saw Ronaldo playing poker.

The one thing that really stands out about this picture is that the chips are from the PokerStars VIP store. Draw your own conclusions here…he plans on signing with them…he wants a deal with them…or he simply got the chips by playing at Stars? Whatever the case may be, it’s not out of line to wonder if Stars would sign the Portuguese legend.

If they did, it might get kind of crowded with Ronaldos since the retired Brazilian football star of the same name is already on Team SportStars. But it’s a good bet that if the price was right, PokerStars would happily add another Ronaldo to promote their brand. After all, they were willing to give Ibrahimovic up to €4 million per year, and he definitely has less star power than Cristiano.