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Doug Polk Rips Daniel Negreanu – Calls Him “Embarrassment” to Poker

Friday, February 9th, 2018

doug-polk-cryptocurrencyPoker pro Doug Polk recently did a podcast with friend and fellow grinder Joey Ingram.

The conversation was about the problems currently plaguing the poker world.

And Polk had some choice words when it came to discussing Daniel Negreanu.

Polk Thinks Negreanu is a Shill and Hyprocrite

Negreanu came up around the halfway point of Polk and Ingram’s conversation. It’s at this point that Polk expressed his view that Kid Poker is “shilling” for PokerStars, especially when it comes to saying higher rake is better for online players.

“He’s a massive hypocrite and, frankly, he’s an embarrassment to players and the game of poker,” said Polk.

negreanu-how-to-become-poker-proThe response could very well be to a February 7 tweet, where Negreanu took aim at poker pros who move on to other pursuits. Polk may especially be a target, given that he’s now heavily involved the cryptocurrency community.

“Many people come and go in the poker industry, moving on to other things, but I am a lifer. I love this game and plan to play a big role in the poker community for the rest of my life. I have lots of passions, but poker will always be #1,” tweeted Negreanu.

The discussion on Negreanu begins around the 46:15 mark if you want to listen to the whole thing.

Ingram doesn’t Fully Agree about Negreanu

Polk was fired up on the subject of Negreanu. And he continued his rant with the following:

“Dude, honestly, shut the fuck up, honestly. It’s so absurd. He’s getting paid millions of dollars to be a hypocrite and tell you why taking your money is good and why he should take more of your money, and then also trying to be the good guy. You don’t get to be both.”

Ingram didn’t jump on Polk’s side and instead gave Negreanu a compliment.

“I wouldn’t go this far,” said Ingram. “You know I’ve got a lot of respect for Negreanu. He brings in a lot of people (to poker).”

He does have a point here, given that Kid Poker has over 450,000 Twitter followers and plenty of clout in the game.

On the same token, Polk also has the right to pursue endeavors outside of poker. And it’s not Negreanu’s place to bash others for pursuing these opportunities.