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Doyle Brunson Wins $300k on State Election Betting

Saturday, November 12th, 2016

doyle-brunson-election-bettingAnybody who follows Doyle Brunson’s Twitter account knows that he’s a die-hard Republican. And it appears that he followed the election action close enough to make informed bets that netted him $300,000 in profits.

As you can see, Trump also managed to get in a comment about Donald Trump winning the 2016 Presidential Race.

Like many Republicans, Brunson didn’t see Trump as the ideal candidate to run for the party. However, he was pleased that the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton didn’t win.

Of course, Brunson is also fearful of what a loose cannon like Trump could do in office, which prompted this tweet:

As for the details of his political bets, here’s a look at what Brunson had to say about his wins:

During his post-election tweets, Brunson also had a brief exchange with his friend and follow poker pro Daniel Negreanu:

As passionate as Brunson is about politics and the Republican party, it’s good to see that at the end of the day, he can still talk sensibly with his friend, Negreanu.

But Brunson couldn’t resist taking a jab at California after the election: