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Gus Hansen Says Every Hand Revealed Hurt His Poker Strategy

Sunday, December 17th, 2017

gus-hansenGus Hansen was at the top his poker game in 2008. This is the year when he released the book Every Hand Revealed, which gives players insight into his ultra-aggressive strategy.

It’s certainly not unusual that Hansen released a poker book at a time when he was one of the world’s top players. But the Great Dane thinks this book hurt him in the long run.

“What really changed a lot was after my book came out, it seemed like people just never believed I had a hand, in their mind,” Hansen said.

Given Hansen’s aggressive style and willingness to play any two cards, he’s certainly not the type of player who wants everybody calling him. But this is exactly what happened after other players read Every Hand Revealed.

The problem was only further compounded when he failed to properly adjust to how people were playing him.

“I don’t think I did a good job of adjusting because as we all know, I like to play a lot of hands. I made a lot of mistakes along the way not adjusting to the perceived image of me. Now, I haven’t played in a long time so maybe sometimes they believe I have something, I don’t know.”

Despite the fact that players quickly adjusted to his poker style, Hansen has never given up on the game. And he told that he plans on entering some more tournaments in 2018.

“I have to re-discover and re-invent things,” said Hansen. “Now that I’ve played the One Drop there and a little poker here the last couple months, I’m getting into a rhythm. I’m probably going to play more poker next year. There’s a chance you’ll see me in a couple more tournaments.”

Gus Hansen is one of the all-time poker legends. So hopefully we do indeed see him in more tourneys in 2018.