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Gambling911 vs Haley Hintze in Battle over Lock Poker

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

haley-hintze-vs-gambling911Lock Poker is closed for good and its owner, Jen Larson, doesn’t look to be coming out of the woodwork any time soon. That said, the poker world wants somebody new to blame, and affiliate site Gambling911 seems to be taking a fair amount of heat over pushing Lock in the past.

Noted poker writer Haley Hintze is especially on the offensive, writing a piece at FlushDraw that calls out Gambling911 and CardPlayer for “yanking their Lock Poker ads and links way too late.” There are plenty of other people who Hintze throws shade at, but the only fun one right now is Gambling911, because they wrote a rebuttal that we’ll get to in a minute. But first, here’s the excerpt that Hintze wrote on the alleged National Enquirer of poker:

“Gambling911 (and its owner, Chris Costigan): Amid the furor of the Portugal retreat, G911, the poker world’s National Enquirer, ran an exclusive two-part softball interview with Lock’s Jen Larson that neatly sidestepped all the hard issues and lies being spewed by the company. Costigan was himself rumored to be an invitee to the Portugal retreat, and ran Lock ads for well over another year.”

Written in a style that would make you think it was an independent piece, offered by another site, Gambling911 lashes out at Hintze for her claims against them. Costigan offers up some quotes for his writer that bash Hintze for her previous support of Howard Lederer, at a time when some predicted Full Tilt was running a Ponzi scheme (pre-Black Friday). Here are a couple of good quotes from Costigan:

chris-costigan-gambling911“Back in the day when Ms. Hintze was writing for, she would often write glowing tributes about Howard Lederer, who, at the time, many of us in the industry suspected was running some type of ponzi scheme. I don’t fault her for doing so, but you know what they say about people who live in glass houses.”

[cont’d later] “Ms. Hintze needs to lay blame regarding the Lock Poker debacle where it rightfully belongs, with the folks who were running Lock Poker, not with the dozens of ad partners, affiliate sites, employees and poker players who were duped the same way Hintze was by Lederer and Absolute Poker.”

Not appearing in Costigan’s quotes are the writer’s opinion of Hintze, or at least what he believes the poker community thinks of the former PokerNews editor. Below are a couple of gems about her:

“Hintze, who is viewed by many in the poker world as an angry, interest-conflicted and talentless hack writer with no real knowledge about poker, is also under fire from poker blogger Richard Marcus, over another personal attack she penned on”

“Hintze is also a wannabe poker pro whose card-playing career has been disastrous.”

Ouch, harsh words and definitely not what you’d call objective journalism – although I know very little about the latter myself, or even journalism in general (see the dozens of immature and sexist things I’ve written on this blog for reference). But perhaps Gambling911’s attack is warranted if they’re not as guilty of over-promoting Lock Poker as Hintze makes them out to be.