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Haralabos Voulgaris says DFS Players getting “Fleeced”

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Haralabos-Voulgaris-daily-fantasy-sportsWe’ve all seen the countless commercials that play for DraftKings and FanDuel on a daily basis, where some smuck with a backwards baseball cap wins $1 million through a daily fantasy sports (DFS) tournament. But as poker/sports betting legend Haralabos Voulgaris explains, this is definitely the exception, rather than the norm.

Voulgaris, who’s won millions of dollars through sports betting, recently appeared on ESPN Radio’s “The Dan Le Batard Show” to give his take on the average Joe’s chances of winning. And it doesn’t look good as the 3-time WPT final tablist describes how players are getting “fleeced” without even realizing it.

“The real issue is, that I think people don’t realize, is the fact that the person who is tuning in and seeing these commercials, and signing up to play in these multi-tournaments,” Voulgaris said, “where the winner gets a million dollars, I think if they knew that they were going to enter maybe three, or four, or five entries, but a pro is going to enter 1,000 entries, they wouldn’t think it was that exciting to enter these contests. I think that’s the part where there is some impropriety.”

He added, “If the actual casual viewer, watching these commercials and signing up, knew they weren’t competing against other like-minded people like themselves, that they’re competing against professionals who have algorithms and thousands and thousands of entries in all these tournaments, they would realize that their chances of winning are really not that good and it’s really not as exciting as they think it is.”

When it comes to sports betting, Voulgaris is one of the guys who’ve used algorithms to beat the odds. So he’d know just about as good as anybody if DFS players are falling for an illusion.

DFS is definitely the hot form of gaming now, given that it contains skill and allows one the opportunity to become a professional. However, based on Voulgaris’ words, you’d better have a giant bankroll if you too want to become a DFS pro.