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How Poker Coach Primoz Bozic built a $400-an-Hour Job

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

primoz-bozicBack in 2011, Primoz Bozic was earning $7 an hour (€5.89) through a computer programming job in Slovenia. And while this is a decent hourly wage in his native country, it never truly satisfied Bozic. “I’ve always had this dream or desire to travel around the world and meet new people, and I just didn’t see that happening in that job,” he explained to Business Insider.

So he read one self-help book after another and took an online course that helped boost his productivity and income. Soon he began to incorporate what he learned from the books into his life. “All of a sudden I wasn’t this person who almost dropped out of high school because I was procrastinating so much; I was the person who was getting things done,” he says. “People noticed that and were like hey, can you help me?”

Combining his knowledge of productivity and online poker, Bozic wrote a giant forum post expressing some ideas he’d incorporated into his life. “People just loved it,” he recalls. “Over time I wrote this really gigantic article, it was probably 27,000 words. It was a guide on productivity for poker players, and it got translated into like seven languages. So it pretty much positioned me as an expert in that field.”

Eventually, he began coaching poker players for $50 an hour. He raised his price a little more over time and reached $125 an hour for his coaching. Since then he’s switched gears and is focusing on helping a more general audience with their productivity. He has several clients whom he coaches as well as a website that continues to grow in popularity. And Bozic has gone from earning $7 an hour to now collecting $400 an hour (about €363) which has been liberating.

“Now that I have online products, it’s just so much better. It’s so great because you do most of the work in the beginning and then you just keep earning money over time,” Bozic says. “You can write from a coffee shop, you can write from a plane, you can even write from a beach in Thailand. And it’s just so much better because it’s inspiring and it’s exciting. It’s not just being stuck in one room all the time.”