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Jaclynn Moskow’s Harassment, Racism Claims Gain Media Attention

Monday, June 27th, 2016

jaclynn-moskow-poker-harassmentNot long ago, Jaclynn Moskow came forward with claims that members of the Poker Night in America (PNIA) staff acted inappropriately towards her.

Specifically, Moskow blogged that Nolan Dalla, former creative director of PNIA and current WSOP senior writer, shoved his face in her chest and shook his head back and forth (a.k.a. motorboating). Moskow also wrote that Chris Hanson, the TV show’s host, made anti-Semitic comments to her, unaware at the time that she’s Jewish.

Moskow’s blog post has since gained a lot of media attention over the past three months. Aside from numerous poker news sites covering the story, she did an interview with Joey “ChicagoJoey” Ingram on the Poker Life Podcast (see below).

Just recently, the New York Daily News wrote two posts – one regarding the entire story, and another discussing a 2013 post by Dalla that contained a number of misogynistic comments about a New Orleans bartender.

Moskow waited two years to write the blog post, prompting some to speculate that she was using the story to extort PNIA and/or their sponsor, 888poker. For the record, New York Daily News reports that she negotiated with the show, and received an offer to appear on future episodes along with a $20,000 appearance fee. But she balked at this offer and eventually went forward with the story in March.

“I was never close to signing an agreement,” said Moskow. “The thought of never speaking out about what had happened was nauseating to me.”

Dalla, Hanson, and their lawyers have denied Moskow’s claims, even though she has an audio recording of Hanson that provides some damning evidence. The recording features Moskow approaching Hanson about his anti-Semitic comments, for which he apologizes for while adding, “I didn’t mean anything by it.”

Since Moskow came forward with her story, various poker pros like Ebony Kenney and Liv Boeree have spoken out in support of their fellow female player.

“(Until this series) I didn’t realize Nolan had such a prestigious title.” said Kenney. “The biggest thing in our industry is for someone to win a WSOP bracelet. My goal is to win a bracelet just so I can tell the World Series of Poker that I don’t want Nolan there introducing me.”

Not everybody is on Moskow’s side, though. Poker pro Matt Glantz presented a letter showing that Moskow negotiating with PNIA for a bigger settlement, asking for $100,000, instead of $15k-$20k.

It has yet to be seen where this story is going or if it will turn into a full-blown lawsuit.