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Jason Mercier Calls Out Brandon Cantu Over Unpaid Loans

Saturday, February 18th, 2017

jason-mercier-brando-cantu-pokerJason Mercier is normally a pretty chill poker player. But he’s very upset at Brandon Cantu now after the latter made a derogatory tweet.

The matter all started when another pro made reference to Cantu owing Mercier money. And this is when the fireworks started:

At one point in the conversation, Cantu mentions that this particular Twitter spat is over a $10,000 loan for the World Series of Poker Europe. He also claims that Mercier charged him a $5k penalty after two weeks and began threatening him.

But Mercier countered by saying that Cantu begged him for the money and offered a $5k penalty if he didn’t pay up within 3 days.

The Florida-based poker pro added the ultimate insult by telling Cantu to go crawl back into his hole.

This is definitely a battle between two poker pros whose careers are on opposite ends. Mercier is a sponsored Team PokerStars Pro with nearly $17.5 million in live tournament winnings. Cantu, on the other hand, lost his Full Tilt Poker sponsorship years ago and hasn’t had a decent cash in 2012.

It’s easy to see why he may not have the money to repay Mercier given his cold streak. But it’s also pretty bold of Cantu to be stirring up an argument when he hasn’t repaid a loan from three and a half years ago. Furthermore, he takes the offensive at different points while trying to bring Mercier’s sponsor into the fold.

In any case, it doesn’t look like Cantu is interested in paying the money back any time soon.