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Controversy Behind Jason Mercier’s OFC Cheating Allegations

Monday, February 27th, 2017

jason-mercier-natasha-ofcJason Mercier recently accused poker player Fernando Rosas of cheating through an open-face Chinese (OFC) poker app. And now, Rosas says that he’s been falsely accused and is losing action as a result.

Playing under the name Relaxursoul, Rosas has become a dominant force through the OFC app. But Mercier began to suspect cheating after his wife, Natasha, played Rosas and thought he seemed like a total novice.

The two played on the side of the 2016 PCA tournaments, with Rosas having difficulty remembering discards, counting points, and distinguishing suits. But as he explains, this is due to the app keeping track of all these factors, versus the player needing to track it all through live OFC.

Here’s an excerpt from Rosas’ explanation on TwoPlusTwo:

The first time I played Natasha live, she did not know that I had never played the game live before. I looked like a complete beginner during our session since I was playing extremely slow due to the new things I had to consider. Additionally, we were playing a mixture of high, low, and BDP, which was a game I had never played before, and she beat me during our short live session. I later learned that at the PCA she had told a well known player that I was probably cheating on the app via a bot.

Not only did Natasha say that Rosas was using a bot, but he claims that Mercier has been spreading this belief too. And now, Rosas says that nobody wants to play him in OFC through the app any longer.

His TwoPlusTwo post has sparked a debate, with many online regulars agreeing that they’ve had difficulty adjusting to live play. But others believe that Rosas should’ve adjusted quicker if he is naturally good through the app.

This is the second controversy that Mercier has been involved in the last month. Not long ago, he also got into a Twitter battle with Brandon Cantu over the latter’s inability to repay a debt. This is a lot of heated arguments in a short span for somebody who’s normally a mellow player.