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Kevin Hart Signs with PokerStars

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

Kevin_HartComedian Kevin Hart drew plenty of looks when he made an appearance at the PokerStars Bahamas Championship in January. And this appears to be a long-term deal since Hart was on hand at the Championship Monte Carlo event.

PokerStars held a press conference for Hart and famed pro Daniel Negreanu in Monte Carlo. And Hart was full of his usual jokes.

“I’ve come here with Daniel Negreanu to tell you that poker just got fun,” Hart said. “I’ll make it fun, and I’ll make poker cool. Daniel, I’ll make you cool. I mean you’re already cool, but I’ll make you real cool. I want to be the Eddie Murphy to your Nick Nolte.”

He added, “I just bulled myself into a partnership with PokerStars.”

Hart’s signing is interesting, given that the world’s largest poker site just parted ways with football stars Ronaldo and Neymar a few weeks ago. And perhaps Hart will do just what he says – make poker “fun” and “cool.”

After all, the game has become highly serious in the last few years. And a big-time comedian like Hart could provide a refreshing break from poker’s quiet, serious tone.

“I’m a big deal,” Hart joked. “I mean a really big deal. When players sit next to me with their headphones on, I wonder how it’s not a big deal for them. And they need to understand that I can’t just let them not talk to me.”

He added, “You will talk to me if you sit at my table.”

Negreanu is excited to have somebody like Hart in the game.

“Kevin sure brings a new presence to the table,” he said. “A new vibe that says you can play a serious game and still have fun. I’ve been following him for a while. He’s not a guy who does things halfway.”

As for Hart’s poker skills, he obviously won’t compete with the world’s top pros. But he’ far from your average beginner.

“I’ve been treating poker like a hobby for the last 10 years. Events like this here bring it to a completely different level,” he said.

“But I’m mixing it up with you big guys now. I’m already so good, I can make Day 2!”

Regardless of whether or not Hart makes it to Day 2 of the Monaco event, it’s at least nice that he’ll bring some extra attention to poker.