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Murderer Tennis Coach owed €80k Poker Debt?

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

tennis-coach-poker-murderEarlier this month, millionaire businessman Koen Everink was found murdered in his Bilthoven, Netherlands home. Everink, who previously directed the travel agency Eliza Was Here, died of multiple stab wounds. And a police investigation led to the arrest of tennis coach Mark de Jong last week.

De Jong, who coaches Dutch tennis pro Robin Hasse, had just returned from the ATP Masters 1000 in Miami when police arrested him at the Schiphol airport. And authorities believe that De J. may have murdered Everink over his €80,000 poker debt.

As the Dutch newspaper Het Algemeen Dagblad reports, it was actually an online poker debt related to an electronic transfer:

(translated) “J. until recently seemed active in the online poker world. On a poker forum he offered large sums of money that he wanted to exchange into another electronic currency. The past year trying J. The large sums to trade, sometimes 10,000 to $30,000 each time. Also a source of the AD reports that the police now is a statement of a tennis player that De J. indeed gambling and has poker debts. Unknown or in that statement also establishes a link with Koen Everink. For a recreational poker player, Mark J. played remarkably often poker online. With generally relatively small amounts at stake, he knew thousands of jars still lose nearly $63,000 on PokerStars, the largest online poker site in the world.”

mark-de-jAccording to another report by PokerNews, De Jong was not a very good poker player, but kept playing for large amounts of money anyways. Everink continued lending the tennis coach money, and then threatened to make De Jong’s gambling problem public when the loan wasn’t being repaid.

According to an unauthorized tracking website, De Jong lost massive amounts of money in low-stakes cash games at PokerStars. For example, he lost $16,000 on the Zoom tables and another $14,000 in $0.25/$0.50 Omaha. Given that he hadn’t verified his account, De Jong was always looking to exchange money through Neteller for PokerStars funds.

As for Everink, he’d made millions in the world travel business and began traveling as a hobby. He also served as an “errand boy” of sorts for Haase and developed a friendship with De Jong The two were watching football together the night before Everink was found murdered.