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Red Rock Casino Refusing to Pay $120,000 Bad Beat Jackpot

Friday, December 15th, 2017

red-rock-casino-bad-beat-jackpotRed Rock Casino in Las Vegas is refusing to pay a bad beat progressive jackpot worth $120,000. And the reason why is because they say that the primary players involved in the hand failed to follow proper rules.

The incident occurred in July, when Avi Shamir won with a straight flush to Len Schreter’s higher straight flush.

Technically, Shamir should’ve received $60,000; Schreter should’ve gotten $30,000; and another $30,000 should’ve gone to the other players at the table, along with every other player at the four poker rooms run by Station Casinos (Red Rock’s parent company).

But this didn’t happen because Red Rock reviewed security footage and nullified the hand. Their complaint is that Schreter turned over his Texas hold’em hole cards before the river card was dealt, and prior to the final betting round being finished.

This action reportedly didn’t influence the hand results. However, Red Rock seems to be using this loophole to invalidate the jackpot and keep the money. The Nevada Gaming Control Board will now review the matter and determine the dispute.

Players Complained to Nevada Gaming Regulators

The reason why the Gaming Control Board has been brought into this matter is because Shamir, Schreter, and 15 other players complained heavily about what happened.

“According to the TV screen, I had won $12,000. And because the room was filled with other winners, I was a local hero,” Schreter told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“However, within a couple of hours, not only did I lose the $12,000, but because the other players also lost, I went from local hero to local bum and, in one case, a local villain.”

The players will all be hoping that the Gaming Control Board rules in their favor. However, Station Casinos will also have the option to appeal the ruling if they lose.