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Michael Noori Tries Eating $1k of McDonald’s in 36 Hours

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

michael-noori-mcdonalds-prop-betI’ve seen some sick prop bets before, but this one is literally quite sick. Poker pro Michael Noori tried to eat $1,000 worth of McDonald’s in a 36-hour span. And stipulations were put in place to ensure that Noori didn’t cop out with a bunch of overpriced salads.

Here are the stipulations of the bet:

This felt like an insurmountable task from get-go, seeing as how it’s hard to eat $1,000 worth of any non-gourmet food – let alone McDonald’s. And it’s little surprise that Noori wasn’t able to complete the challenge.

Here are a few tweets from the final hours of the prop bet:

While Noori wasn’t able to finish the bet (who could?), he definitely succeeded in helping a charitable cause. According to this GoFundMe page, the bet was all about getting Christmas toys and supplies for impoverished Vietnamese children. Here’s one excerpt from the page:

michael-noori-mcdonalds-prop-bet-1My friend Phong “Turbo” Nguyen, also a poker player, travels to Vietnam every Christmas to buy supplies, food and clothes to give back to the needy there. Turbo came from Vietnam with nothing, it’s his way of giving back.

Every dollar contributed to this campaign will be matched by Turbo, dollar for dollar, up to $20,000.
Every dollar collected will go to increasing the amount of supplies, food and clothing that is given out this year.

Instagram King Dan Bilzerian and tournament director Matt Savage both tried bring some attention to the bet since it was for a good cause:

All of the promotional efforts, and Noori’s willingness to try such a crazy bet, raised $12,575 for the Vietnamese charity. And while Noori didn’t win his 5-to-1 wager (he shouldn’ve gotten even better odds), I’m sure that he’s pleased with the charitable contributions.