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Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu Feud over Poker Masters

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

negreanu-phil-hellmuthSteffen Sontheimer was the big star of the inaugural Poker Masters event, winning the Purple Jacket and over $2.7 million. Nevertheless, Phil Hellmuth still thinks that he was the best player at the 2017 Poker Masters. In fact, Hellmuth believes this so strongly that he got into a Twitter battle with Daniel Negreanu.

The feud started because Negreanu was giving props to his younger opponents. But Hellmuth jumped in and said that he was better than all the competition.

Here’s a look at their Twitter exchange:

Neither Negreanu nor Hellmuth Come Close to Purple Jackpot

Negreanu made a bet on himself winning the purple jacket. But all he could muster was an eighth place finish, which was good for $102,000.

For all his talk, Hellmuth didn’t fare much better. The Poker Brat took fourth place in one tournament and collected $200,000. Hellmuth and Negreanu finished 13th and 11th place, respectively, in terms of points.

Have Hellmuth and Negreanu been Passed by Younger Players?

hellmuth-vs-negreanuBoth players certainly hold a prominent position in poker. Negreanu has won more tournament money than any other player with $34,333,814. And Hellmuth has won more WSOP gold bracelets than anybody else with 14.

But Negreanu’s argument is that some of the younger poker stars have more skill than he and Hellmuth. Judging from high roller results in recent years, this could be the case.

As for Hellmuth and Negreanu, their Twitter spat doesn’t mean that they suddenly hate each other. Both pros have been cordial with each other for years.

But it certainly appears that they disagree on who the top dogs are in poker right now.