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Mike Sexton vs. WSOP

Friday, March 6th, 2015

mike-sexton-vs-wsopMike Sexton recently channeled his inner-Daniel Negreanu by writing a blog post that questions the World Series of Poker. More specifically, Sexton has a problem with the November Nine four-month break (all these years later), WSOP Europe and Australia being included in the Player of the Year race, and the growing number of bracelet events being included.

So what qualifies Sexton to be the judge and jury here? Well, as he explains in the post, he’s been going to the WSOP since 1984 and has seen the event evolve over the years. And while Mike still loves the WSOP, he doesn’t feel that some measures are putting players first. Case in point, why should the November Nine have to wait four months just to finish the final table? Or what’s the deal with making players travel to Europe or Australia just to compete in the POY race?

Apparently WSOP Director Ty Stewart is a Mike Sexton fan and saw the blog post. Stewart was also willing to offer his own rebuttal in the comments section, while defending the various points that Sexton attempted to pick apart. The “comment” from Stewart could be turned into a poker book, so we’ll just highlight one interesting excerpt:

In closing, I’d just like to say that we believe we have right to operate a fair business with the WSOP event and brand, we are almost always guided by simple endeavour to do the right things for the right reasons. We want to be a source of pride and unifying platform for you and everyone who loves poker. we want it bigger and better yes.

But we are not Dr. Evil plotting to exploit a community (which is too smart for that anyway) on an annual basis. Yes, with miles of truss & lighting/mountains of chips/thousands of staff/hundreds of security cameras we have the highest costs in the industry. But we also don’t have a myopic view of the world. And I can assure you any variance in fees collected from 65 or 68 bracelet events is not going to be highlighted topic in the Caesars Interactive balance sheets. Apologize for the long-winded reply, but your post really struck an emotional chord.