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PartyPoker Nails Collusion Ring w/ Help from Player

Sunday, November 5th, 2017

poker-collusion-ringPartyPoker recently shut down a collusion ring that took place in their high stakes MTTs. And PartyPoker was able to do this thanks to a player by the name of “DukeOfSuffolk.”

This same player posted about the matter on TwoPlusTwo under the name “FarseerFinland.” Their post explains how the player spotted the collusion and what PartyPoker did to rectify the matter. Here’s an abridged explanation of how it went down.

Incident that Led to Collusion Suspicion

DukeOfSuffolk made the final table of a Turbo High Roller at PartyPoker. He continued playing until the event was down to the final seven players.

It’s at this point when his six opponents began displaying odd behavior.

“I end up playing in a final table at Wednesday Turbo Highroller
– In 48 hands with somewhat short stacks none of my final 6 opponents gets all-in and called (I busted 3 opponents),” he noted.

“After I get busted tournament takes less than 3 minutes to finish (I didn’t see the hands)”

FarseerFindland looked into the matter through online poker tournament trackers and found that the same six opponents played in lots of events together.

What did PartyPoker do?

A PartyPoker rep posted on the TwoPlusTwo thread about their efforts to investigate the collusion ring. The site’s investigation turned up a number of accounts that had been colluding in high stakes MTTs.

They subsequently shut down the accounts and are in the process of reimbursing affected parties. Here’s more from Party_Rep:

“I can confirm a group of accounts were found to be playing in teams in order to collude against other players

“BOT and collusion detection techniques can require a large number of hands in order to accurately analyse the information and identify rogue accounts. Therefore sometimes players are able to identify suspicious activity faster, depending on what they have experienced at the tables. We have sophisticated fraud control mechanisms in place that are continually being updated to counter new and more advanced fraudulent techniques

“We always welcome proactive feedback from our players as it often helps us to identify issues faster

“FYI – we have set up a new email address,¬†¬†, where players can send their suspicions directly to the team who will review the case immediately. We have also formed a player panel of elite online players who will review hand histories in difficult cases and make a fair and impartial decision.”