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Patrik Antonius Opening Poker Room in Monte Carlo – Details are Secret

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

patrik-antonius-monte-carlo-poker-roomOnce a key figure in the poker world, Patrik Antonius doesn’t play as much as he used to. Between everyday life and raising kids in Monaco, he just doesn’t have the time to enter live tournaments or grind online.

But that doesn’t mean he’s left the poker world completely. In fact, Antonius is busy trying to open a poker room in Monte Carlo.

“I can’t share any details yet but if we could get a nice poker room in Europe, that would be good for a lot of people,” Antonius said, leaving a hint of secrecy.

He added that his motivation is a group of local players who want to play “decently high stakes,” without traveling away from the isolated microstate.

Of course, Antonius has plans for more than just locals, especially since Monte Carlo is a major vacation and gambling destination.

“People would fly here from all over the world,” he explained. β€œIt would be very easy to organize good games here. We just have to get proper rake so it’s reasonable.”

As for what he’s been doing lately, Antonius is living the family life and occasionally playing poker.

monte-carlo-poker-room“I’ve been here in Monaco with my family, my kids are growing and I don’t really want to be months and months away from home anymore,” Antonius said. “I wished we would have more, bigger and regular games in Europe.”

Until they get a poker room off the ground in Monaco, Antonius plans on playing more cash games in Asia when he gets the chance.

“I know there’s going to be more games in Asia for me. It’s somewhere there on my plans, but not on the top of my list.”

The WSOP is also a possible destination, although this will be purely for cash games and not tournaments.

“My plan is to go very late. The cash games have been pretty good in August when all the tournaments are done,” he said. “People are playing around the clock for two or three weeks or even more. It’s hard to stay away from the cash games.”

That said, look for more Antonius news this summer, when he hits both the Asian and Vegas cash scenes.