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Phil Hellmuth Chats with Wall Street Journal on Poker Blowups

Saturday, August 12th, 2017

phil-hellmuth-2014-big-onePhil Hellmuth is well known for his poker blowups. And he recently spoke about his antics with the Wall Street Journal, explaining that these are infrequent incidents.

“That’s less than 1% of my life,” said Hellmuth. “I talk about how I’ve changed, but then I still lose it.”

Of course, it’s this 1% that is publicized. And Hellmuth looks like a real jerk when he’s berating other players. However, the Poker Brat claims that he calmed his antics during the 2017 WSOP.

“I’m always very careful when I start whining not to direct it at an individual,” said Hellmuth. “There were floor men waiting on both sides for me to say ‘him’ or to point at somebody. I wish I could handle myself better in those moments. But that’s just me. I’m just so hyper competitive.”

But no matter how much he works on his temper, the Poker Brat is always a candidate to blow up. In fact, he told the WSJ that TV producers hope to catch him in “the moment.”

Hellmuth Discusses Beating Poker with CNBC

The Poker Brat did another high-profile interview with CNBC this month. And one of the main topics he discussed is how many games the average player can expect to beat.

“I think you can beat 50 percent, maybe even 70 percent of the games out there in the world,” he explained. “It’s about not playing very many hands.

“It’s about playing maybe 15 percent of the hands, whereas most amateurs think to be patient means playing 30 percent of the hands. Cut some of that fat, and that alone will put you in good stead in 70 percent of the poker games.”

One hallmark of Hellmuth’s strategy is patience. In fact, he’s so patient that he’ll sometimes let his stack dwindle to nearly nothing if his cards aren’t good enough.

This goes against many players’ strategy of looking for shove opportunities earlier. But it’s hard to argue with Hellmuth since he has 14 gold bracelets and over $21 million in tournament winnings.

Doug Polk Covers Top Moments for Hellmuth, Selbst

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

selbst-hellmuthPhil Hellmuth has inspired dozens of YouTube compilations with his blowups over bad beats. So the fact that Doug Polk has released another video highlighting Hellmuth’s whining is nothing new. But having a world-class player like Polk add commentary to the blowups definitely adds something.

Polk highlighted several top moments by Hellmuth as well as Vanessa Selbst. After looking at a couple of Hellmuth’s blowups, Polk spent the most time on Selbst.

He first made fun of PokerStars’ attempts at making a ‘top 5 poker moments’ video for Selbst, then gave his own take.

One of the highlights featured the infamous William Kassouf using his “speech play” tactic to get information out of her. I must say that Selbst handled this very well, given how annoying Kassouf can be. On a side note, you can see Polk break down the Kassouf WSOP controversy here.

Another top moment sees Selbst at her worst, making bold raises with 7-5 unsuited on a board of Jc-4s-2c. Of course, “Doc” Sands doesn’t play the hand much better, calling and re-raising with a pair of 2s.

“This is an example of how not to play your hand at any point,” says Polk. “So just see this hand, take it in, and don’t do any of it.”

In another hand, Selbst 6-bets Kevin MacPhee with pockets 4s pre-flop, while MacPhee doesn’t play much better, re-raising and calling with A-9 offsuit. After Selbst loses the hand and busts out, she goes off on a rant while speaking with Liv Boeree on the side.

Polk takes exception to this, making fun of how mad she gets after misplaying pocket 4s pre-flop. Polk also catches what is perhaps Selbst’s worst TV hand of all time against Prahlad Friedman, which you can see in the video below: