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Phil Hellmuth will play Poker at Fan’s (Your) House

Friday, October 2nd, 2015

phil-hellmuth-2014-big-oneWant to take on 14-time WSOP champion Phil Hellmuth in poker? If so, he’s up to the challenge because Hellmuth is asking his fans why he should pick your home game to visit. Here’s a look at the Poker Brat’s recent tweet:

“New York, Oct 3rd, I will play poker at a fans house, bring a mixologist and @KimoSabeMezcal. Why should I choose you?”

As the hashtag indicates, Hellmuth is working with tequila brand Kimo Sabe Mezcal on this promotion. And he wants his fans to tweet why he should come to their house and take them on.

Hellmuth already looks to have plenty of intrigued fans because his Twitter feed is pretty busy right now. So if you’re interested in having the 51-year-old poker pro show up to your home, give him a reason to.

And do remember that he’ll also be bringing a mixologist from Kimo Sabe Mezcal with him. So even if you don’t like the Poker Brat, you’ll at least get some pretty sweet drinks.

Interestingly enough, Hellmuth has been holding some big home poker games of his own in the Silicon Valley area. He has everybody from tech billionaires to NBA stars drop by his house to play a few hands. And despite his own poker skills, Hellmuth sometimes gets the worst of it.

He recently spoke about a $180k flip that he lost to an unnamed player. Hellmuth also talked about losing around $35k to current Boston Celtics forward David Lee once too. Assuming you win the Twitter contest he’s holding, the Poker Brat would be more than happy to tell you all these stories in person.