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How Phil Hellmuth missed out on Golfing with Michael Jordan

Sunday, May 8th, 2016

phil-hellmuth-jordan-golfIt’s well known that Michael Jordan has a deep passion for golfing. But did you know that 14-time WSOP champ Phil Hellmuth also loves golf too?

The Poker Brat recently discussed the game with Golf Digest while diving into a story about how he once missed out on playing with Jordan. Here’s a quick look at this story:

One time I was in Vegas with M.J. and his crew. I had dinner with them, gambled with them, clubbed with them. And Michael said that I should meet them for golf at 11 a.m. I told him that I don’t get up that early. He started laughing and said, “That’s right. You’re a poker player.” I promised to be there at 3, got there at 3:30, and they were on their 32nd hole of the day. I

t was a July afternoon, and he was out there in his sky-blue North Carolina golf cart, blasting tunes, going faster than the other guys in his ninesome. They roll real quickly, talk while the other guys are hitting and gamble for all kinds of money. I was ready to play when M.J. said to me, “Phil, it’s so hot, we’re going to call it a day.” That was a little disappointing. But we went to the clubhouse—which is totally baller—for Louis XIII cognac and 70-year-old scotch. Next time I get invited to play with Michael Jordan, I’ll get up a little earlier.

While this is definitely a cool story, it’s not the only one that Hellmuth had to tell. During his charity golf event “Tiger Jam,” Tiger Woods asked to meet the poker champion.

So Hellmuth made it to the 18th hole to hang out with Woods, only to find out that he’d be sharing the golfing legend with Jon Bon Jovi’s dad. Then somebody suggested that they clear the way for Hellmuth and Tiger to hit golf balls together, which gave them about an hour to hit with each other.

Another story involving Hellmuth on the course with athletes happened last year after the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship. Andre Iguodala asked Hellmuth about playing at Vegas’ exclusive Shadow Creek club, so the Poker Brat set up a tee time with he, Igoudala, Harrison Barnes and Chamath Palihapitiya (part owner of Warriors).

“I teamed with Iggy, who had just been named MVP for the Finals,” said Hellmuth. “He was still in the groove. He’d step up with a 180-yard shot and get right at the pin. When we needed him for 140 yards, he pulled out his 9-iron and … boom! All day long he was clutch.”

There’s plenty more to Hellmuth’s Golf Digest interview, so I definitely recommend that you give it a read.