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Phil Ivey Won’t Make New Poker Training Videos

Friday, April 21st, 2017

phil-ivey-dfsIvey League, the poker training site owned by Phil Ivey, has announced that they’ll no longer offer new videos. Players will be able to continue accessing the current video content, but there won’t be any new videos to view after May 1.

Those who purchased yearly subscriptions to the site will receive refunds because it was promised that they’d be able to see such videos in their subscription agreement. Those with monthly deals will need to cancel them on the site.

The online poker industry has been in decline ever since Black Friday (April 2011). And it’s little surprise that Ivey League mentioned that the current state of the industry is why they’re no longer creating new videos.

Widely regarded as the world’s best poker player for years, Ivey made over $20 million prior to Black Friday. And many wanted to know what kind of tips and strategy he had to offer, given his success. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until internet poker began declining that Ivey League opened.

phil-ivey-baccarat-edge-sortingStill, it seemed like the training site could experience success when looking at the star-studded lineup of trainers offering their services, including Patrik Antonius, Cole South, Andrew Lichtenberger, and Ivey himself. But it appears that this isn’t the case when considering that they won’t be offering new videos any longer.

One problem is that internet poker regulation never took off like many expected. Another is that Ivey began struggling in online poker, losing almost $7 million after returning to the internet felt in 2012 – when Full Tilt Poker reopened.

Ivey has also been spending considerable time with lawsuits against Crockfords casino (London) and the Borgata (Atlantic City). Neither casino wants to pay him for profits he made through baccarat edge sorting.

After amassing a fortune thanks to his poker skills and marketability, things haven’t gone well for Ivey in the 2010s. And it’s hard to say what he’ll do next because, for the immediate time being, he’s busy fighting to get his money through lawsuits.