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Glen Chorny Sues Poker Battle Founder

Sunday, June 26th, 2016

glen-chorny-poker2008 EPT champ Glen Chorny has launched a lawsuit over a failed poker social network. Chorny invested $3.7 million into the Indianapolis-based Poker World Society Inc. in 2008, and has never seen a dime back from his investment.

The Canadian, who now lives in Florida, says that Philippe A. Rouas deceived him by offering an investment in Poker World Society, which Rouas claimed would net up to $2 million a day. The social network was supposed to launch an international “lifestyle retail and gaming brand called Poker Battle.” Chorny’s $3.7 million investment gave him 10% of the supposed lifestyle brand.

The poker player’s lawsuit claims that Rouas fed him lies and empty promises until 2015, when Rouas claimed that Poker World Society was being sold to Native Americans for $2.5 million. Chorny never got his 10% of the sale price, and now he wonders if the sale even happened.

The Indianapolis Star reports that Poker World stopped operating in late 2009 or early 2010. The company is still registered under Rouas’ name with the Indiana secretary of state.

philippe-rouas-pokerIf Chorny’s lawsuit has merit, he was the perfect target for Rouas’ alleged scam. Chorny had won the 2012 EPT Grand Final along with €2 million ($3.1m) just four months before Poker Battle/Poker World Society was pitched to him.

Other high stakes pros were interested in investing or promoting Poker Battle since Rouas made it into a big deal. The video below, which was filmed at an over-the-top party in Cannes, France, shows Michael Mizrachi, Robert Mizrachi, and Chino Rheem standing behind Rouas as he speaks about Poker Battle.

Despite all the buzz that Rouas built around Poker Battle, the venture never materialized into anything substantial. And given that the poker boom is long gone, any hope of the Poker World Society finally producing a return on Chorny’s investment seems gone too.